• No Ordinary Oat Milk
  • No Ordinary Oat Milk
  • No Ordinary Oat Milk
  • No Ordinary Oat Milk
  • No Ordinary Oat Milk

No Ordinary Oat Milk


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No Ordinary Oat Milk

Made by coffee people, for coffee people

This one's designed to work with your coffee. It's not watery, It's not trying to be the star of the show. It's simply the best dairy substitute your coffee can ask for.

This is No Ordinary Oat Milk indeed

What makes this Oat Milk perfectly pair with your coffee?

Neutral Flavour

Doesn’t take away from the roast profile of the coffee

Less oat, less sweet, more about the coffee

PH 7.3 For All Your Coffee needs

With a definitive PH this works better in coffee and amalgamates better than dairy which holds a higher acidity and doesn't split

The Process

Borrowing expertise from the gold standard, using oat kernels harvested onsite.

No Ordinary Oat is a premium oat milk formula.

Other oat milks are often made using a lower quality powder or concentrate. 

Added goodness

Calcium. Riboflavin. Vitamin B12. It's got it. All to keep your coffee habit happy and healthy.


Our oats are Non- GMO and free from glyphosate.

A New Zealand Owned Company

Made in Sweden and owned by us Plant Projects

How does this one fit into the wild world of Oat Milks?

We recommend you blind test the world of oat milks to see how we stack up

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