• No Ordinary Plant Milk - Like Milk
  • No Ordinary Plant Milk - Like Milk
  • No Ordinary Plant Milk - Like Milk

No Ordinary Plant Milk - Like Milk


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No Ordinary Plant Milk

No Ordinary Plant Milk isn’t like other milks. This one’s designed for people, by people, from plants. It may not come from a cow, but our plant milk does everything their milk can do.

Powered By Peas (Like Milk)

Plant Milk. It’s just like milk, but made from peas. But Why Peas?

There was Whey protein and then there was Pea protein!

Same technology applies, pea isolate creates the closest profile to dairy milk of all plants! With these added features:

  • 2 – 3 times more protein than most Oat Milk (2.0g per 100ml)
  • 50% less sugar than most Oat Milk
  • Less sugar than regular milk (1.8g per 100ml)

The Superior Plant Milk (Allergen Friendly milk)

 Gluten, Soy, Nut, Lactose free

We are even Keto friendly with such a low sugar profile

A Neutral p.H

With a definitive PH of 7.4 this is less acidic than regular milk, is light on the stomach and works well in coffee, smoothies, cereal and the rest. Just Like Milk!


Our harvested peas are Non- GMO and free from glyphosate.

A New Zealand Owned Company

Made in Sweden and owned by us Plant Projects


Water, rapeseed oil, pea protein (2.5%), sugar, acidity regulator (dipotassium
phosphate), calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, gluten free oat oil, salt, vitamins (D3, riboflavin and B12)


*PLEASE NOTE: Current orders will be receiving stock with a best before date of  13/10/2023. But please note that while we have a best before date of 12 months on our products, we have tested our products and they are safe to consume 3-6 months post the best before. We opt for a 12 month best before to make sure our consumers are receiving the best product and while we do everything we can to make sure the stock you’re receiving is satisfactory, we still send out milk with less than 6 weeks left on the best before because we really don’t like seeing great plant milk go to waste! 

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