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BRAND: Arepa

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Who needs coffee when you can have an ĀREPA beverage, this is our magic brain food in a bottle! Charge your brain with our ĀREPA beverage.


ĀREPA beverage for mental clarity

ĀREPA beverage contains high-level of vitamins. antioxidants and amino acids, 100% extracted from New Zealand blackcurrants, pine trees and premium Japanese green tea. They help you stay focused and keep your mind sharp without any caffeine or side-effects.


1 ĀREPA beverage = 1400 New Zealand blackcurrants + 1.5kg fruits & vegetables + 12 cups of green tea


ĀREPA beverage has the patented formula, created by leading neuroscientists. Take one bottle 20 min before your big plan, important meetings, exams, etc. You will have full concentration over your work or study.


Ingredients (per serving/1 bottle):

500mg - New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract

200mg - L-theanine SUNTHEANINE®

150mg - New Zealand Pine Bark Extract ENZOGENOL®

30ml - New Zealand NEUROBERRY® Juice