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BRAND: Arepa

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Say goodbye to caffeine, this is our game changer for mental clarity! Charge your brain with our ĀREPA capsules.


ĀREPA capsules for mental clarity


ĀREPA capsules are fully loaded with high centration of vitamins. antioxidants and amino acids, 100% extracted from New Zealand blackcurrants, pine trees and premium Japanese green tea. They help you stay focused and keep your mind sharp without any caffeine or side-effects.

ĀREPA capsules are ideal for taking with you anywhere you go and anytime you need. Take 2 capsules each time 20 mins prior to your "BIG" task. (No more than 6 capsules per day). 


Ingredients (per serving / 2 capsules): 

500mg - New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract

500mg - New Zealand Pine Bark Extract ENZOGENOL®

200mg - L-theanine SUNTHEANINE®