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BRAND: Arepa

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Are you having trouble focusing? Our ĀREPA Powder is the superfood for your brain. Add to your smoothies, yoghurt, cereals, bakings, not only it makes them tastier, but also help you to get away from distractions. 


ĀREPA Powder for the mental clarity

ĀREPA Powder contains multiple ingredients to improve your neuro health with clinically proven results: L-theanine, Enzogenol™ a New Zealand pine bark extract and Neuroberry™, a unique New Zealand variety of blackcurrants that are charged with Anthocyanins and Vitamin C. 


Ingredients (Per serving/ 5gm (1.5 tsp)

150mg - New Zealand Pine Bark Extract ENZOGENOL®

200mg - L-theanine SUNTHEANINE®

4.65gm - Freeze Dried New Zealand NEUROBERRY® Powder 
(equivalent to 200mg blackcurrant anthocyanins + 100% RDI Vitamin C)


150g (30 servings)